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Return To Form: Long Sports Update

I felt obliged to change the title of my journal as I've not written about sports nearly enough recently. However, this week has been a mega week for stories that I have feelings about. It starts with the announcement NFL Draft weekend that Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons QB, might be involved in dog fighting, as pit bulls and fighting stuff were found at a house Vick owned in VA. However, he states he never lived there, just his cousin, whose drug arrest led to the dog finding. I'm really not sure what to believe as all they appear to have now is informants and allegations of fighting and betting, but no purchase records or ties to the dogs in that house. An ESPN article got me intrigued to as an NFL Hall of Famer suggested that Vick might not be the only NFL player involved, and Clinton Portis' defense of Vick leads me to believe said Hall of Famer. However, if the league wants a witch hunt, do it right. Not the way Major League Baseball has seemingly blamed Barry Bonds for all the steroid usage of the last two decades. I'm not sure what to believe about Vick, but knowing how much of the NFL is backwoods Southern boys, the mass allegations could be right.

As for other athletes I've defended in the past, I actually felt bad for the Duke Lacrosse team when they lost to Johns Hopkins. *checks pulse, looks for Carolina sweatshirt* Despite my loyalties to the other side of the Triangle, I felt bad for those guys, and was glad to hear that they will get an extra year of eligibility to replace their cancelled season.

Also in this vein is Kobe Bryant, who though long past his legal troubles, still has a place in my heart. And this week he was in the news because he may or may not want out of LA. At the very least, he wants Jerry West to be Head of Basketball Operations, as he's the only one Kobe trusts to construct a winning team. Five years without a title after a three-peat apparently isn't acceptable. While I may not care much about the NBA, I'd like to see Kobe win a tile without Shaq, but he needs help...that is old enough to drink legally. He seems to finally have matured enough that the fifty and sixty-point games only matter when they win and part of me still sees a younger version of Jordan when I look at Kobe.

As for the college basketball scene, when I heard Thursday that Billy Donovan was leaving Florida, I didn't rejoice, I thought he was crazy. Apparently he thought so too, as late tonight it was reported that he wants to void his contract with the Orlando Magic and go back to Gainesville. As for this other bit of traitorous thought, I just thought back to the success, or lack their of, of Donovan's former coach, Rick Pitino, who has left college for the NBA twice, only to be currently coaching at Louisville. And as much as I despise all things orange and blue, I despise good coaching talent being wasted even more.

As for my ever-changing baseball feelings, that'll be another post.