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Writer's Block: QotD

What's the best birthday present you ever received?

Not surprisingly, my best birthday present came at my 16th birthday. However, it wasn't a car, but rather a trip with many ramifications. My parents told my the night before Halloween that year that they had gotten tickets for my dad and I to go to an FSU game in Tallahassee. That weekend was surreal in many ways, and in my thoughts not long ago. First, it was a night game on Halloween, which meant that face paint was a must. Well, I'd had my face painted in Clemson years before, but didn't know where they got their paint, so we headed to Wal-Mart where I bought garnet and gold sparkly paint.

Later, we went back to campus and took my first tour of what would later be my home. Before the game started, I readied myself in a gas station bathroom as our hotel was forty-five minutes from Tallahassee. We then made our way to the stadium and it was weird, college kids and fans of FSU and UNC dressed to impress on Halloween. However, despite the costumes everywhere, the lasting impression is of these guys in orange and green paint covered in glitter, with glittery cloth at their waists. I knew they were in Miami colors, but didn't know until later that they are at every game in garnet and gold.

The game was impressive, this was 1998 and the team was on fire. The defense was amazing and had a reputation for taking out opposing quarterbacks, well sure enough, they got to UNC's starter and broke his ankle. One of the worst injuries I've seen. However, this made the game completely winnable. While I don't remember the score, I remember thinking this team could win a title. They got to the title game, but injuries caught up with them and Tennessee won.

As for my personal feelings about the game, I remember thinking that I couldn't believe I was actually in Tallahassee at an FSU game. My souvenirs from that game were a keychain with the old school seal on it and a magnet in the shape of a football helmet, which is on my apartment fridge as I type. The keychain, however, caused much controversy. I put my house key on it as soon as I returned from Tallahassee and it remained there until the day I graduated high school. My mother thought I should remove it while I was applying for college, as she didn't think I could get into FSU, but I refused and proved her wrong. That keychain is now in my bag of keychains in Mobile, having been replaced after FSU changed the school seal, but it's a memory of a weekend that meant so much.


awesome. story. :)
thanks, it was a blast.