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Childish Behavior

As I feel myself on the verge of tears for what seems to be the tenth time this week, I realize this semester needs to end. I need a break and to get away from certain people. A "friend" is mad at me and won't tell me why. I only know they are mad because another friend relayed the info on Friday. Apparently the head of my department overheard me talking about this "friend" and spoke to her about it, but I have no idea what I said or when I said it. This makes it very hard to fix. I've spent the entire weekend stressing over it and when I tried to speak with the "friend" to get some info on Saturday, she signed off of AIM. I believe she has me blocked, so my next recourse is to call her if the friend who told me about the situation doesn't resolve it soon. This was the last thing I needed at the end of the semester when I'm stressed already because I have two papers left for French Cinema plus Finals.