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I'm in the middle of my first shift of the summer. Lots of new freshmen who know nothing about campus and forgot their remote control batteries. I literally got two requests for AAA batteries in a ten-minute span around 1am. Then I found an open beer bottle in the elevator on my last rounds, WTF? Nobody came out of the elevator or was in the elevator to claim the bottle. Other than those occurances, it's been pretty quiet. However, that's not good when I'm short on sleep from doing laundry.

That's due to the fact that I just got back from a visit to Mobile for Father's Day. Relaxing and my reading list will be updated soon. I'm broke now though because I bought some Bath and Body Works stuff for me and Vera Bradley for Sara's birthday. Met her in Pensacola for lunch. Then drove back to Tally. Went to the grocery store and forgot to get at least three items, not good. However, I did remember conditioner as I left my new conditioner in Mobile. I finally gave in and let Mom cover my gray, but left the Nice-N-Easy conditioner in my frantic packing. Not sure if I'll do the coloring again though.