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I'm shivering my ass off, waiting on my shift to be over. It started with a radio that wouldn't work and a supervisor not in her office. When I had the RA on call stay at the desk so I could get a working radio, I get scolded by the supervisor. The alarm in the maintenance office went off again, but it was open, so I go turn it off, or so I think, until it goes off again later. I turned off both alarms for good measure. Then, all is well until a 2am phone call from the police, never good, but especially not at work. Apparently an under-18 resident was hauled in for drinking, thus another call to the supervisor. Had to give info so that parents could be contacted and misplaced the card between requests for info. As if that drama wasn't enough, my attempt at munchie retrieval didn't work. The vending machine jammed, twice, costing me money and patience. Life is just not going well, where are the locked out/confused kids when I need them. That I can handle, high drama, notsomuch.