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Writer's Block: Summer Break

How did you spend summers when you were a kid?

Summers as a kid had many variations, but one main theme, vacation. And I don't mean from school. I mean pack up the car/get on a plane and go somewhere. When I was little it was lots of time at friends' beach condos, Fripp Island, Hilton Head and Wild Dunes, often all in the same summer. I've never been as dark as I was the summer I was about 6, after three weeks at the beach. It's been my dream tan ever since. However, despite the fact that I love going to the beach, I hate getting sand on me or salt water/sweat in my eyes. So I prefer the beach breezes over my chair by the pool.

As I got older, summer camp was added to the mix. First two weeks because Mom wasn't sure I could handle being away from home. Really it was she who didn't like me being gone. Later it was three weeks and lots of hours in the camp barn. Won the Golden Horseshoe for best camper at the barn my first summer there, was tres surprised and happy. However, hiking is a whole 'nother story, keeping up with cabinmates on steep climbs is no fun. I also have more pottery, whistles especially, than I know what to do with, tie-dye and leather belts as well.

When I reached high school age, the trips got better. Summer trip to California that I'll never forget. Two weeks in a convertible visiting everything from San Fran to San Diego. The Monterey Bay Aquarium and San Diego Zoo are wonderful and shopping on the Promenade in LA plus the Santa Monica pier is great. That trip was capped, for me, by a trip to Dodger Stadium. The following summer was New York, not my first visit there, but definitely special. Yankee Stadium as a Braves fan was interesting given the previous year's comments, but it was either that or Shea with the Braves in town not too long post-Rocker, Mom vetoed that. Went to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and saw the Music Man, also tried to see Les Mis to no avail. However, I skipped the Fourth of July fireworks, will have to do that next time.

All in all, my summers as a kid were great, but hectic. I can pack a suitcase better and faster than virtually anyone I know my own age and have countless memories to go with these trips.