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Ugh, I feel like I've had several different entries floating in my head this week. First off, last night at work was interesting. Friday nights in busy dorms with first time in college students are crazy. I swear I thought I was gonna be asked to clean up puke several times, watched at least one girl practically be carried to her room while several other friends stumbled behind, and this was just one group. Later I found a girl locked out of her room while on rounds, she apparently didn't know she could come to the desk and get me to let her in. However, I did tell her to call her roomie as I couldn't leave the key with her. Next set of rounds I found popcorn strewn in two halls and a stairwell, had to sweep it up at 5:15am after consulting with my supervisor. Never did figure out which kitchen was the offender, let alone which resident. Events such as these are why the thought of working Fridays during football season are not pleasant.

As for the other entry, this past week was the baseball All-Star break and it turns out that while Home Run Derby in a park on a bayfront sounds good, a twenty-four foot wall in front of said water creates a boring night. So boring that I fell asleep, which never happens during this event. However, only one ball went in the water and nobody had any super impressive rounds. The winner was a guy who doesn't know the meaning of a strike zone. Vladimir Guerrero gets points for being old school and not using batting gloves, but his willingness to swing at anything left me shocked that he won.

The All-Star Game didn't go according to plan either. The American League has now won ten straight and had homefield for the World Series since 2002. All this because while Tony LaRussa talks about playing to win, he still attempts to get everyone in the game. That's not playing to win, especially when you leave your own clean-up hitter and one of the best players in the league, Albert Pujols, on the bench with the bases loaded and a chance to win. My state of mind about this game wasn't helped by the fact that my phone went dead while I was working and my internet was shitty at work that night. I have many thoughts about how to resuurect the All-Star Game from its current fucked up state, but I'll save those for later.