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Ok, before I talk about my Internet craziness, I should state this happened last Friday and I stewed about it until Tuesday, when I talked to my dad.

I post on the CourtTV board, but a new case has become too hot to handle. I was called a heartless and soulless troll who has no friends while discussing the Michael Vick case last week. Apparently NFL fans who aren't fond of dogs weren't welcome in this discussion. They were even accusing me of allowing children to remain in the company of pedophiles because apparently dog fighting and pedophilia are the same thing. I disagree, animals and humans aren't the same thing when it comes to crime. And before y'all shoot me, I abhor the PMU mare situation and horses that are killed by racing, but after incidents as a kid, I don't have the same feeling for dogs. Add to this that the computer on which I was posting wasn't working and the fact that I only went to that thread to post news, and I was stressed, but crying while I worked would've been wrong. I just wish some people would remember that there is a person behind each computer screen. That's my one request.
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wait, what? I think I must be misunderstanding you. Are you saying that because you personally don't like dogs, it is okay for people to abuse them, but because you personally do like horses, it is not okay for people to abuse them?
No, animal abuse is never okay. However, the discussion I was in was equating it with murder of humans, that's what I don't agree with.