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Keystone and Miami

On December 27th, we drove to Atlanta to fly to Keystone. After changing flights, in Cincinnati, we arrived in Denver late, and in Keystone after 1am, Mountain Time. The next day, I went shopping in River Run only to find Twisted Pine gone and Starbucks relocating, hmph! However, I did find this awesome new jewelry place wear I got onyx and malachite studs. I then saw these Kokopelli charms that I wanted and finally chose one later. It has turquoise, onyx, opalite, and coral...gorgeous. Found earrings the next day in Breckenridge that wear similar at the Twisted Pine, my all-time favorite western jewelry store. I passed on horseback riding due to logistics and not enough days, but next year, I want to go back to the 4-Eagle Ranch. I miss it, but the last ride went out at 1:30 pm and I was sick and wanted to sleep late. So mom and I went to Breck instead where we got semi-stranded by the KAB bus running over an hour behind schedule. Damn that was cold. I was definitely ready for some warm weather by the time New Year's Eve rolled around.

That morning, I left Keystone to fly to Fort Lauderdale to meet Sara for the Orange Bowl. I got in just before midnight and watched the ball drop at actual midnight for the first time in several years. Yeah!

After we watched the ball drop at midnight, Sara and I got sucked into a Sex and the City marathon, which Mom and Em later told me they also watched. So we slept till 11am, then watched the Rose parade and some football before lunch. Then we just chilled until it was time to go to the stadium. We walked around the tailgate area and bought souvenirs before going in to watch the longest pre-game show on record, 3 marching bands plus the national anthem and "God Bless America".

Once the game started, it was kinda sluggish all around. Miami scored first, but we led 14-13 at halftime after our only two successful drives of the night and two late scores by the Canes. In the second half, Miami scored the final points of the game on a 51-yard field goal after an FSU penalty. Then, we missed a 32-yard field goal with seven minutes left and I had this sinking feeling that it was over. Rix never got us close enough to kick again. So, we beat ourselves, but we play them again in nine months on Labor Day. We are now 0-5 in our last five against the Canes,,,and Jeff Bowden needs to lose his job. However, I don't think that'll happen.