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The semester's finally over and I'm off work until the 11th. However, I did have to make a late night trip to Ragans Hall because I left my phone charger there. I'm just glad I realized that now and not once I'm in Mobile, which will be tomorrow night. Mom and Daddy are picking me up on their way back from Jacksonville. That was the only way to please Mom, as me meeting them in New Orleans on Wednesday was somehow unacceptable. That was the final vacation decision after Jacksonville was cancelled and I vetoed St. George's, plus the conference on Cape Cod was gonna be too expensive. And this should be an interesting trip, first family vacation with everyone legal and we're going to the French Quarter and possibly gambling...only in my family. I'm excited as this is my first trip to New Orleans. Any readers have things I must do? I want to go to the D-Day museum and the touristy stuff, but I'm always up for locals favs as well.


I've never been to New Orleans, but have always wanted to go. Have a great time!
I hope so, just wish it weren't so damn hot.
Oh I know. Its almost unbearable in Charlotte. I can only imagine how hot and humid it will be in N.O.