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New Orleans

Ok, back in the land of the sane, but it took a while. New Orleans was great, but a little crazy. Wednesday we got in late enough to only go to dinner and then out after, which was highly entertaining. My mother funneling beer is a sight I never thought I'd see. Too bad Emily missed it. Thursday was spent in the World War II Museum, which I now understand the location of much better thanks to the New Orleans exhibit. The boats for the D-Day landing were made there, hence that also being a big exhibit. After the museum, it was still way too hot for walking anywhere, so my parents' decision? Let's go gamble. After a while of slots and video poker, at which I suck, we returned to the room. Dinner at a small diner and another night on Bourbon St. was entertaining. Great music, but synthesizers shaking the floors while playing Prince are not the jazz that brought us into the club.

Friday was more touristy stuff. A stop at Café du Monde and actually seeing the Mississippi River preceded shopping in the French Quarter. Later, we drove to the Garden District, but I want a proper tour next time, as my parents suck at seeing the good sites. Lafayette Cemetery was closed, so I have pictures of me by the gate. Dinner that night was at a nice restaurant before more Bourbon St. chaos. Following my parents around all night got annoying, so once they picked a club, I set out for some souvenir shopping to break up the monotony of bad music that was way too loud, led off by Vanilla Ice covers and the Electric Slide, no great jazz that night. Good recent R&B later though. However, never again do I allow my mother and sister to put their stuff in my purse. That was the only reason I kept coming back to where they were. The night ended with Emily staying while we went back to the hotel, which we discovered later was a mistake, big time.

After a long night, we got up early the next morning to go on a tour of St. Louis No. 1. I have a new appreciation for tour guides given the heat and the general idiocy of tourists. However, the tour was great, with the history of graves in New Orleans in great detail, including some fun stories, such as that of the Easy Rider tomb. And I finally got to see the tomb I heard about years ago, that of voodoo queen Marie Laveau, who may or may not be in her tomb. That concluded the whirlwind vacation, but the car trouble on the way home and a nine-hour shift upon arrival in Tallahassee made for a very long day. Not something I'd do again. However, I will go back to New Orleans, as it was a blast.