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On Vox: Baseball Milestones

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August 4th was a busy day for baseball, with two milestones being reached. Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th home run, the youngest player to accomplish that feat, having just turned 32 on July 27th (you don't want to know why I know his birthday). However, overshadowed by A-Rod's 500th was Barry Bonds' 756th. This sets the all-time career home run record. As a longtime baseball fan I'm not sure what to think. I'm glad to see the record fall, but had someone else in mind. Most of my childhood I thought Ken Griffey Jr. would have Hank Aaron's record, so now that Bonds has it, I have mixed feelings. I realize in the wake of the steroid accusations that I don't think I've ever seen steroid-free baseball. This makes Bonds' record easier for me to accept. However, I'd still like to see Mr. Overlooked (A-Rod) take down the record in ten years.

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