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I love the possible irony of the fact that as soon as I changed my icon I got a serious hit on my Yahoo dating profile. Only had that profile forever it seems. Tricky thing is it's a guy I had passed up in my search through my hits. Partly because he has a dog and partly because I thought he was wearing a Clemson hat (which is really a Detroit Tigers hat). He asked for my Facebook/AIM info, so we'll see. However, I'm not very hopeful, open to a new friend though. If anyone has any advice on online dating I'm always open to ideas.


Hmm... online dating. Never really had much success with that (although I've met SO MANY of my female friends online, how weird is that?) but I would just say talk as much as possible before you meet to figure out if you do want to meet - a lot of guys want to rush into meeting and I'm always wary. Also I'm a HUGE bitch and if someone has horrid spelling/grammar or just plain can't write an email, that's a warning flag for me ;-) Just keep your options open and be safe!
I won't rush into anything, especially since his Facebook revealed that he may have a recent break-up. And I agree about correct e-mails.