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I've been neglecting my journal and thus didn't express my feelings about my first event of the 2008 political campaign. On August 24th, Barack Obama came to Tallahassee and despite work that night I went. I got to FAMU and the doors to the gym hadn't even been opened yet. Once we got inside, the speeches began. I swear everyone in Tallahassee spoke, from the FAMU SGA President to Senator Richardson, Mayor Marks and the FAMU President, with all the Commissioners (including the former FAMU SGA President who's older brother of the current office holder)in between. Half of the presentation was local support with a fabulous performance by the Marching 100 (not in full uniform, which surprised me). Obama's speech was mostly his talking points with not much expansion, except emphasis on teaching and education, which makes sense as a look at his tour schedule reads like a list of American college towns. His comments about loans and grants and cutting out the companies that make millions of dollars on them was well received though. As well as making it more appealing for those who are avoiding teaching less than higher ed to reconsider. Yes, that includes me. I refuse to teach under NCLB as it stands now, but if it were revamped or scrapped, we could talk. However, what I liked most about the speech, aside from the Iraq war comments, was that I see someone who I genuinely think is electable.