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I skipped a trip to Mobile at Labor Day to go this past weekend. That's because my New Every Two kicked in and it was time for a new phone. I now have something that has a camera, time display, and a warchant ringtone that sounds great.

I also used the weekend to get my brows and lip waxed and watch way too much football. The Noles beat Colorado, but still have much work to do for a decent season to happen. Wideouts that caught passes and an O Line that run blocked wouldn't be too much to ask, now would it? However, while the Noles are coming together, Auburn has a QB that only looks good when compared with the train wreck that was Chris Rix. Neither team's gonna have a great year. I'm going to Jacksonville for the FSU/Alabama game regardless. I got tickets through Student Boosters and Uncle Charles got Mom and Daddy tickets, plus a room was procured. Much fun shall be had next weekend. Now if only someone would take my Friday shift permanently...


So how do you really like the phone? I can't stand to have a phone that doesn't have a QWARTY keyboard anymore :(
I like it, but am not a texting queen, that'd be lil sis, so a keyboard isn't a must for me.
For me it's not so much texting as work email.

So you know, I can goto lunch without missing anything important. :P
ah, ok, e-mail of any kind costs me extra i think.