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Ask me a question about each of the following:

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. Livejournal

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential. Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked.


1. Who is your best friend?
2. What was the best sexual encounter you've had (anything from kissing to whatever).
3. What song lyrics do you identify with the most?
4. Have you tried any "illegal" drugs? Which ones?
5. Do you believe in soulmates/someone you're meant to be with?
6. Who on your LJ list do you want to meet?
1. Female - Sara, my fellow history major and die hard Nole fan/travel buddy, Male - Bryan, friends since elementary school, birthday buddy, and the reason I'm a Nole fan.

2. Unfortunately, that's a negative, I'm not very touchy-feely and have never had a boyfriend, and thus no encounters. It's been two years since I got a hug from a guy that wasn't my father or Bryan. :-X

3. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams, I'm working on a Master's degree, but still not sure I'm where I want to be career path wise.

4. Marijuana, one time junior year, and even then it was under duress, but not on my part. Getting potheads to trust that if you seize you won't blame them isn't easy, damn that paranoia as a side effect.

5. I'm not sure, I'd like to believe there's someone out there for me, but I'm not sure I think it's pre-destined, as my list of requirements would be no fun for any supernatural being to deal with. ;-)

6. You