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Argh, I have the week from Hell looming and a mass e-mail from a prof made me feel like shit. My class on approaches to history has a different speaker each week and thus no texts, just chapters and articles. Well, I don't have a copy code for the department and some of the readings are only available through the guest professor. These readings are put in a box for us to copy. However, apparently someone came looking for them at 4:45 on Friday while I was making copies in Strozier. As a result, we are apparently only able to make copies during the prof's office hours now, instead of at our leisure. *pulls out hair* I wish she'd just make copies for us all or tell the guest profs that sample readings need to be available online. Oh, and by the way, in my hurry to return the master copies by 5pm, I left two chapters uncopied, just lovely. Damn my not having an assistantship/teaching and thus a copy code. I hope I don't get in too much trouble. I didn't know we weren't allowed to make copies at our convenience.

As for other aspects of school, I have a bibliography for approaches due Monday and my original topic is seriously thin on sources, hence my lack of thesis progress. However, the perception of Native Americans/presentation of them has been written about thoroughly. Hopefully I can combine that with 20th century Seminole literature to get my thesis reading back on track. And hopefully having this topic work will allow my Florida history topic to be Seminole War or something completely different, as that prof doesn't get that despite my early American focus, I intend on doing a modern American thesis. I only chose early American due to the specialties of the faculty willing to work with me. Add this drama to the two book critiques I have due this week and Friday can't get here fast enough.