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After much watching of football yesterday, I went to the movies. I don't often go see moviesd now that I live on the opposite side of campus from the theater, but last night was an exception. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was showing, and that needed to be seen on the big screen. I'd heard it was too long and not as good, I disagree. While it was long, there didn't seem to be anything unnecessary to me, parent's thought the first hour dragged. My only thought was that some of it seemed like a video game, not a movie, with the diffent worlds/realms and all. However, the end was predictable, but I got what I wanted, sort of. I wanted Will and Elizabeth together, check, but not Will as the eternal captain of the Flying Dutchman, that should've gone to Jack. Oh well, it's still a great series, and Orlando Bloom looks much better as a brunette pirate than a blond elf. ;-)