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As the first posts started appearing about smoking pot today, I had other things going through my mind. April 20th, to me, is not for smoking pot, or thinking about Hitler, but rather remembering the victims of Columbine. It doesn't seem like it's been five years as I still remember where I was when I found out...clear as day. I was in school, talking to the librarian on my lunch break when I was told there had been another school shooting and that about eight people were dead. As I watching the news that day, another five people were added to the body count and reality set in. Columbine was a middle class high school much like mine. It was my first realization that it could happen to me. I was further touched by the fact that the shooting began in the library, where I spent what seemed to be half my high school life. And the fact that jocks were targeted because while I wasn't a jock, I did have a letter for my involvement with varsity baseball and would later get a jacket. Letter jackets were part of the way that Harris and Klebold chose their victims. Another way was if they admitted to believing in God, which was harsh, but didn't hit me as hard as some of my classmates who were more religious. I went to the memorial service held by our school and will never forget the closing song, "I Will Remember You", being sung by a classmate. I also dutifully put a blue and white ribbon on my backpack that remained there until the school year ended. While five years may have elapsed, I have not forgotten the terror in our school in the days following Columbine as extra security officers were brought in and our every move was watched. It effected me a great deal and it's a time that I remember better, and it will always me more to me, than 9-11.


i think this will affect you more than 9-11 because the news was there to actually SEE most of it. cameras were around, bodies were falling out of windows... it was intense to say the least. i agree that it is more than 9-11 because it was students.... those who were supposed to be there in the safest of environments....

Yeah the sight of the kid (Patrick something) falling out of the window, I'll never forget. As well as the "1 BLEEDING TO DEATH" regarding Dave Sanders.
i was a senior in high school.