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Random Christmas Thoughts

I should be reading or writing for one of my two incompletes. Yes, working, football season, and a full load are incompatible in my world. I should have remembered that from taking Methods, but alas I didn't. Anyway, what have I been doing instead of schoolwork? Cruising Amazon wishlists for ideas for Bryan. However, his list gave me an even better idea, a gift for Mom, she who can never come up with gift ideas. So, now I have ideas for everyone except Em, whose list is out of this world expensive, or cheap. One DVD won't work, but I don't have shoes/RayBan money either. And I'm pissed because I finally have enough money to not have to pinch pennies, but nobody wants to tell me what they want. Bryan's list covers three years and 121 items, some of which are out of print. Annoying much? Need to talk Christmas with Sarah, as I don't know how the return of Sean will effect time or cash flow. Anyway, I hope I can solve some of this soon.