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I don’t usually give more than a passing glance at coaching changes that aren’t key teams or teams that I follow, but the coaching vacancy at West Virginia has me intrigued. First, Jimbo Fisher, Florida State’s newly named Coach-in-Waiting has been targeted by West Virginia. Then, Terry Bowden, who crosses my radar based solely on his lineage, decided that he’d like a shot at the job as Bobby coached there in the 1970s and Terry graduated from there. Most recently, Rick Trickett, the Florida State Offensive Line coach, who we got from West Virginia, has stated an interest in the job. Honestly, while Jimbo leaving would upset me, Trickett leaving slightly terrifies me. FSU has had three O Line coaches in four years; we don’t need another change right now. A stable line would help our offense immensely and we might be able to get back on the path to a winning tradition. However, we can find a new coach to replace the legend if Jimbo decides he doesn’t want to wait. Plus, I’m sure the Boosters would appreciate the 2.5 million Fisher would owe them if he left, buyouts are a bitch. Anyway, I hope West Virginia gets the coach they want and that FSU doesn’t suffer in the process.