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Okay, now that I'm awake again, sort of, I'll finish my entry from last night. Christmas unfolded as normal with visiting Cary and a get-together at Katherine's on Christmas Eve. My best presents were an FSU chip and dip bowl and cash, which is always appreciated. Christmas presents from the parents included a mixer, but not a KitchenAid, a new set of pots and pans, a Tee-Time cookbook, lots of DVDs, including Pirates 2 and 3 and Law and Order SVU Season 1, and the 2000 Sugar Bowl, which Bryan bought before receiving my Amazon list. The presents I picked out were a shaker and martini glasses, so I can play bartender more efficiently. ;-) However, despite all of this, I still hit the stores before returning to Mobile. Got myself some new Vera (Cambridge Large Tictac and a new zip id) with leftover birthday money and spent Christmas money on books I'd requested (new Sue Grafton and Ann Rule), Season 2 of SVU, and bras from Victoria's Secret, the semi-annual sale was disappointing this year. I still have shopping to do though, but not until I get paid again and beginning of the semester expenses are taken care of, including thesis hour drama. I've spent this week working and planning for my two incompletes that need to be finished. One of which has been delayed by a book fine issue and dreading finishing it and one of which I changed topics three times. Will update when the school drama is resolved.