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I haven't had anything happen at work worth reporting lately until tonight. First, I'm coming back to the desk from letting someone in and I hear shouting in the hall. I see a group of people carrying a girl who's shouting, with blankets and towels. Knowing that this means her birthday is tonight/this weekend and she's headed for the fountain (like it or not), I clear the way. Plus, I don't want to get run over by the group. I tell them to have fun and go back to the desk. The group comes back wet and happy later. I'm so damn glad I don't have a December-February birthday... Later, it takes two supervisors and two staffers to find the ice machine in one building. As all of this is played out over our radios, it is rather amusing. Yay for work amusing me.


It's nice when work is interesting. Makes the tie go by wayyy faster.