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I was hoping to get to write a wonderful entry about my weekend, but now I'm stressed out and on the verge of tears. My Mardi Gras party went mostly according to plan, save the broken martini glass (brand new) that was smash in the parking lot after breakage. And the fact that I didn't finish cooking far enough in advance to be even semi-presentable. However, the food was good and the drinks were fab, and I still have some of both left.

As for the stressed, UNC/FSU games are always interesting when one is sitting in a student section rooting for the opposition. Fortunately, there was a Carolina fan behind me and an understanding daughter of a Carolina alum next to me. However, overtime is never fun, and especially not when Ty Lawson is hurt and Quentin Thomas is running the point. Add to this the relative ineptitude of both offenses and it was a frustrating game. Thank god for UNC's free throw shooting. I was thrilled to see a victory though as this will probably be my last game as a student. *tear* And it was a good game, but close has never been my style. I'm graying fast enough through heredity thanks.

And pissed, I'm not even sure I can accurately articulate my feeling about the Super Bowl. It was a horrid game with the wrong ending. I wanted 19-0 for the Patriots so badly. Especially since the chance they can repeat this feat is possible, but not probable. However, we'll see how this veteran unit reacts to being beaten by a team that got lucky. This was my third choice for Super Bowl game, I really wanted Pats/Cowboys as I wanted a high scoring game, not a defensive grudge match. Games like that allow teams to get lucky, just as the Giants did. I hope the Pats learn from this so that they can reclaim their rightful place next year.


Dear team, let's stop being injured. kthanxbye.
Amen, and not at the opposite end of the court where I can't see what's going on until the crowd clears either.
srsly. I'm losing track. There was Lawson's ankle, then QT's ankle, then Tyler's minor concussion, then Bobby's ACL, and now back to Ty's ankle? Is that right?
Sounds right, plus Stepheson's family issues if we're counting absences period. Oh, and Frasor, thus making QT's injuries relavent.
that's right, I left out Alex's family stuff. That counts!

Thank God his situation is okay enough for him to be in Chapel Hill, not just for the team's sake but for his own.
Yeah, I just hope no one gets injured Wednesday. What was the report on Lawson, the article I read didn't say much?
no word yet, but I havent checked the boards this morning, either.
The thought of facing Duke without Lawson scares me, even if the game's in Chapel Hill.
Yeah, I don't know if they can do it without him. As much as I love QT, I don't love him playing unless Bobby's out there with him or Ty is resting....

so we might be SOL, but oh well. We're pretty much set for a 1 or 2 seed in the NCAA tourney unless the world turns upside down in the next month. And really, it's hard to complain about that :)
I feel ya on the PG situation. As for the NCAAs, after the Super Bowl last night, the sports world turning upside down isn't impossible...