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A nine-hour shift to think about a game gone wrong was NOT what I needed last night. And it didn't help that I realized I'd seen this scenario before and been on the wrong end of it then. Eleven years ago in January, Florida State and Florida played for the national championship. Both teams were undefeated and had played at Thanksgiving. Florida State won the regular season matchup and went into the championship game thinking they couldn't lose. Well as the dates of the national championships we do have can attest, we did. No it was not a close game, no there weren't thirty-five years of history preceding us, but believe me, I understand what Patriots fans are feeling and why I felt the way I did when the game ended.

I detest fluke titles. While others may love underdogs winning, I like a champion with a chance to repeat. And I'm not sure the Giants can, partly because if Michael Strahan retires, the defense falls apart and it wouldn't surprise me if he did. Especially given his waffling prior to this season. I hope I'm wrong, but this title also reminded me of the 2002 Anaheim Angels title. A title no one could make sense of and one they couldn't defend the next year. That was my gut reaction to this Super Bowl and I still wonder once the initial praise of the Giants defense wears off, how will this team be treated? Will they be given the nauseating number of televised games that most Super Bowl winners get? Will they get the predictions of a repeat that most champions are given? Or will they be overlooked in favor of the team they beat? Only time will tell.