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I live in a no pets complex and for a year and a half this wasn't a problem. However, the new resident of the apartment next door to me, as of January, has a dog. A dog that barks in the apartment and I can hear it through the cinderblock walls. The first day of classes I mentioned it to the office, but nothing has happened. The Thursday that I was in my apartment all day working on my paper, it barked constantly. This stressed me out more, but I didn't go to the leasing office, nor did I mention anything when I took my last rent check in. Last night though I saw a guy with a dog in my complex and I asked him about it. When I returned from my errand, the guy's girlfriend was waiting to talk to me. She told me she has her dog approved and she lives on the other side of the building from me anyway. Her apartment backs up to the offender's apartment though and she told me his dog isn't approved and that he works and only comes home at lunch to walk the dog. She hears the barking as well and has talked to the office, but she said the guy's a sleeze. He's apparently lied to get to keep the dog this long and never introduced himself to his neighbors. In fact, I didn't even know that my new neighbor was a guy until last night. as I've never seen him. I'm glad to have more information though and to know that I'm not the only one upset about the illegal dog.