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What Do You Think About...

Abortion?: Pro-choice
Death Penalty?: I support it, on a case by case basis
Prostitution?: After seeing a special on this during WWII in Hawaii, I think it should be legalized, and they should have to pay taxes.
Alcohol?: I have a drink from time to time
Marijuana?: I've done it before, I'd do it again, and I don't condemn friends who smoke
Other drugs?: They should remain illegal
Gay marriage?: Whatever floats your boat. As an Episcopalian, I supported Bishop Robinson's consecration.
Illegal immigrants?: Everybody deserves a chance at a better life, but it needs to be done according to the law
Smoking?: You (the world) know what you are doing to your body...
Drunk driving?: Don't do it, get a DD.
Cloning?: For life saving, yes, for shits and giggles, no
Racism?: I wish it didn't exist, and I try to avoid it
Premarital sex?: If you do it, do it responsibly. In the words of a friend, condoms people, use them!
Religion?: I'm not involved in it.
The war in Iraq?: We should have waited for UN approval.
Bush?: I'm voting for Kerry...
Downloading music?: F*** the RIAA and high CD prices
The legal drinking age? It needs to be lowered
Porn?: I'm not much for it, but I see nothing wrong with it. If it's consenting adults.
Suicide?: Think about who else you're hurting.