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After watching the Tennessee/Memphis game on Saturday, I have a whole new appreciation for ACC basketball. It was a close game, but parts of it were miserable. Pet peeve #1, they are called free throws and are shot from the charity stripe for a reason. They are supposed to help you team. 8-17 from the line will lose you a #1 ranking, as Memphis found out, and rightfully so. Tennessee didn't help things by being 8-14 before sinking four late to win the game. Pet Peeve #2, half court sets are a good thing on occasion. As much fun as fast breaks are, if you can't make a layup or drive into the lane without getting stripped, it's not very effective. Both teams were guilty of sloppy full-court offense though. It was just an all around ugly game and makes me wonder if either of these teams will end up with #1 seeds come NCAA time.

As for the mash unit, erm team, I enjoy watching. I'm impressed that UNC only has one loss with what is essentially a third-teamer starting. However, I'd like Lawson back ASAP, so that the offense is clicking for the game in Cameron. I actually got to watch parts of two games this week, yay for national broadcasts, and I agree with the thought that Lawson will be returning to a better team than he left.


LOL, yeah him. ;-)
He looks so much better now that the disaster I saw at the beginning of February.