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I collect keychains despite having all of one key to keep track of, but I recently changed keychains. Took the Vera Bradley keychain off in favor of an FSU flipflop and my UNC championship keychain. College traitor much? I'm so over that. Was thinking about an I heart FSU one I saw, but it's damn expensive ($10). Anyway, what's your keychain(s)?


I have a bottle opener that is shaped like a jumping horse :)
useful and cute. my flipflop keychain have a bottle opener on it.
i have a tiffany's keychain that I got for christmas the year before last, & a keychain from margaritaville because it's a memory for me & one of my best friends♥
which tiffany's keychain? i look through their collection, of keychains, occasionally.
I'm just now seeing this, sorry! :( I have this one:

tiffany keychain
it's ok, cute, never used a keychain like that though.
it's actually hard to keep on. the little ball comes loose a lot =/