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I'm back from Birmingham and my laundry is in the process of being done. Yay for two washers and two dryers in my parents' house. Managed to get through a trip to see the grandparents with only a few awkward moments with Grandpa. While he let me watch the UNC-Duke game in peace, he tried to turn off Sports Center while I was watching postgame, not cool. Explaining to grandparents why your favorite team isn't your alma mater isn't easy, and thus why a game that makes no sense to them is important to you. As a result, the game was weird. I'm thrilled with the result, but wish I could've watched the game with someone who cared. Add to this the impact of Eve Carson's death on the broadcast/game (ribbons and patches plus comments, missed the moment of silence though)and it had a different vibe than the last Senior Day victory in Cameron. Plus, DeMarcus Nelson is not JJ Redick. This win sealed a solid season that bodes well for the tournament. No road losses and no out-of-conference losses, both of those will loom large for the selection committee. However, I sincerely hope Joe Lunardi's wrong because G'Town as the #2 to UNC's #1 is not doing us any favors. As of now, Memphis is predicted to have the easiest road, which they don't deserve. I'll be surprised if they get to the Final Four after what I saw of the UT game. Anyway, here's hoping that we get a repeat performance this weekend to take the conference tourney title.