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I should be reading for class, but instead am working and turning the results of Selection Sunday over in my head. UNC is the top #1 seed in the bracket, but got no favors from the committee. Both Louisville and Tennessee were considered for #1 seeds and the 8/9 game is no piece of cake either. And this year's UNC team is good enough to totally fuck my bracket if not considered carefully. I'd honestly like another shot at Georgetown, but that'd be Final Four and I'm not sure I'm ready to go there. As for the two hours of Bracketology I watched? Virtually useless, spent more time moaning about who was in/out than who would do what in the tourney. And two of the analysts' Final Fours were all #1s, WTF? It'll happen eventually, but hasn't yet. A third put three #1s in, and that's only happened once. I'm not saying I won't have #1s in my Final Four, but probably no more than two. Told my dad that he got to dictate the terms by which he'd lose this year. >:-)