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I knew when I looked at my bank account this week something seemed wrong. I had too much money for this stage of the month. Had paid my cell phone and internet and rent's not due until the beginning of the month. However, at 10:01am it all became clear. I woke up to my fan off and my clock black. Walked into my kitchen and opened my utilities bill, which I'd forgotten to pay before Spring Break. Oops. I'd wondered why I'd actually gotten a paper bill for the first time in a year. Should've probably opened it when I got it. Fortunately, I was able to pay over the phone and I heard the power come back on before noon. Unfortunately, I lost valuable sleep and am trying to adjust to new medicine, not going so well. Anyway, glad the power came on in time for me to get my assignments written for class. Too bad my sleep is whacked out.

Fell asleep during the last set of basketball games for the night. Good news is my bracket's not whacked, bad news is my dad thought that USC in the Final Four was realistic. Silly man. As for Duke's near loss, that's a bracket hit I'm always willing to take. Have them out in the Sweet 16 anyway. My worst guess was the whole trusting George Mason thing, not a good idea. Many more games tomorrow, including Carolina. Finally found that game time, as work and Sweeney Todd on the campus big screen (film school love), are also vying for my time. Anyway, need sleep, have a CAT scan in the morning. Damn epilepsy breakthroughs.