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Blog Tour: Strangest Vacation Spot

Welcome to my newest readers.
My strangest vacation spot wasn't so much strange for location, but rather the trip itself. It was summer before my freshman year in college and I was already taking classes at FSU. My roommate and a few friends were hanging out in our dorm room when we got hungry. It was midnight, but we were broke, so food didn't happen. However, roomie and her soon-to-be boyfriend wanted a road trip, that night, so we decided to drive to Jacksonville to watch the sun come up at the beach. Anyway, we drove to Jacksonville and got to the public beach at about 3am. Swam in our undies until close to sunrise when we wrapped up in towels and sat on the beach. While we were watching the sunrise, an interesting conversation with the beach cops ensued about why we were there and how we were dressed. After the cops left, we chilled awhile longer, after getting decent, before leaving. We had to use soon-to-be-boyfriend's emergency credit card to by breakfast, but we got back in one piece. That's not my only college road trip story, but it's definitely the strangest.
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That sounds like fun. Unplanned road trips are the best :D. I once waited with a friend on a really cold night for the sunrise because her brother had asked us to take a picture. After 3 hours we got too bored and cold so we just took the pic and then drew the sun with yellow crayons.




That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like to do that but I think I'd have a hard time convincing my husband or my sister-in-law (one who probably could have been convinced when we were in our early 20's) to do something like that these days.



mesothelioma news

I' m currently blogging for the sake of a (out) living instead of someone else... but I like it. You' ve inspired me to keep doing it, and look to doing it also in behalf of myself in a little while