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I should be working on my incomplete from last semester, but first I had to scrounge up dinner. I'm working tonight, but as it's Sunday/Easter, many takeout places I expected to be open weren't. It's just wrong when I'm working and can't get decent food. Will have to go by the diner in the morning, or maybe to Staarbucks, depending on how my .pdf file surfing goes later. Might need to go look through more microfiche tomorrow, ack. I've procrastinated, but I thought the deadline for this paper was Friday, turns out my professor needs it by Wednesday. Wish I knew what I was going to write. Needs to be twelve pages, about the life skills taught by Freedmen's Bureau teachers in Florida, have Gainesville-specific info (gag), history of the American Missionary Association, general info on "Yankee schoolmarms". Need religion info and to hope that there are at least five citable letters. I still have books to look through and a dissertation chapter as well.

As for what I've been doing this weekend instead of working on that paper that would be watching basketball and being drugged from my new meds. My CAT Scan on Friday went fine, just hope the results get to my doctor in time for my appointment on Tuesday (which Mom thinks I should delay). Have to call tomorrow to find out if the office has my results or my appointment will need to be delayed anyway. Will have to quit taking Topamax if my paper's gonna get done though, it knocks me out. And this is after I told the doctor that I'd discussed that medicine with a previous doctor a decided against it. Ugh, I hate the AED merry-go-round, I've been on it long enough to know about side effects, and he'll learn that next visit.
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