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I do believe I said Friday night that I'd make another tournament post Sunday. Well, needless to say, that didn't happen. Part of this was several close games and my bracket falling apart. Oops, so much for a perfect Elite 8 or Final 4. And damn Davidson. I'm not really sure that a ten-seed is technically a Cinderella, but they are as close to fitting the glass slipper as we've got this year. However, the upside of the second round is my constant willingness to be wrong about Duke. And be happy that I was wrong. As for the Pac-10, they are the best escape artists of the tourney, UCLA and Stanford were both dead to rights and managed to pull out a victory. And Memphis, only one team has one the title since 1985 shooting less than 65%, and they were better than Memphis. Joey Dorsey may want to be Ben Wallace, but his FT% is nothing to emulate. Anyway, here's hoping today's game's go smoothly while I attempt to concentrate in class, and that I can finally sleep off the rest of this Topamax.