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I've filled out countless brackets through the years, but the one year the analysts get it right, I refuse to listen. This year is the first time all four #1 seeds advanced to the Final Four, but I only have two teams left alive, oops. However, Davidson gave Kansas a scare and Memphis defied logic by shooting almost 90% from the stripe when their season average is closer to 60. My final game is still intact though, and my final result is still definitely possible. Here's hoping the media don't choose this week to revisit the past adnauseum and screw with Roy's head. *looks for uncouth female reporters* Anyway, the brackets worked out the way the committee set them up for the first time ever, which is more than I can say for the BCS, maybe someday...


i am so sad about davidson. :(
I feel for them too, they'll be back though if McKillop puts together an OOC schedule like this year's.