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The search for shoes went nowhere quickly. Didn't even get to Target today. However, the announcement of the Night Staff banquet gives me a deadline by which I need cute shoes, as I'd like to wear a skirt that night. More importantly right now is my job for this summer. Found out tonight that I might be able to work breaks for Night Staff, as no classes are required, but I still need a job to take up the rest of the summer.

Found two jobs at the library that sound promising. Now that the library is open 24 hours/5 days a week they need a night shift supervisor. After a year of working nights, I know I can physically handle it and am going to the library to find out more. Another library job is part-time in the science library, but I feel less qualified for it, will also investigate further. And then there's the tutor that the athletic department needs... Plenty of options plus bs retail options (campus bookstores), just hoping to find something.