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Blog Tour: Worst Lodgings

The worst lodging I've ever had wasn't a hotel, but rather a cabin in Yellowstone. I was in the middle of a two-week trip and we'd had a long day. Got to Yellowstone that morning and didn't check in until late afternoon/evening. It was decently clean, but was musty and stunk from being closed up. We decided we would stay there, but we needed something to cut the smell. Couldn't find air freshener, but we did get a candle, blueberry I think it was, to burn that night. That candle made it bearable, but I was glad it was only one night, as it was hot in the cabin as well. While I don't mind roughing it, hot and smelly are wear I draw the line. After that experience, Mom was a lot more careful with trip accomodations, and roughing it only happens on agreed upon terms.