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My doctor's appointment went well, or so I thought. He listened to my Topamax complaints and told me to stop taking it. Also showed me the CAT scan, which was cool. I now know exactly what causes my seizures. When he went to find another drug for me to try he asked about Lamictal, but I've already tried that. So next he suggests Zonegran, but doesn't give me samples, as it's generic. So, before I went to get the prescription, I looked up the drug. Turns out it's a sulfa drug , and I'm allergic to sulfa. Not sure how he missed that, but am calling his nurse in a while to talk to her. Aside from that, I realized I really need to sort out my drug history for him, as I don't think he's read much of my history. I really wish I could find a standard drug history outline and type mine up. It would make things so much simpler. Sigh, I hope this gets resolved soon.

Oh, and if my medical entries weird anyone out, let me know. I just write them for my own clarification.