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Helping Freshmeat...Interesting Concept

As it is now spring and the campus is crawling with parents and high schoolers, I find myself answering questions more often. Directions to buildings, advice on dorms, random campus factoids, minus the skeletons in the campus closet (that I leave to orientation leaders). I'd have loved to have been an orientation leader, but my grades were never good enough. However, I can definitely do a campus tour in under fifty minutes, which is how long the official tour is, and they do no one any favors by going uphill. Anyway, between these random thoughts and the lack of a place to get real life info, because fsu_noles scares people off, I'm toying with the idea of an informational blog. The official website is better than many, but still confusing, and many pages are hard to access or lack sufficient info. This is a far-fetched idea I know, as getting together a useful blog would require more than me I'm sure, but it's worth thinking about.


I think thats a really good idea.