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I hate my feet

The cute black flats hunt continues, but shoes were purchased for the banquet (Black peep toes with a kitten heel, neccesitating the painting of nails). However, this was after I figured out that walking around campus in my new black moccasins is hazardous to my health. They are too soft for walking on gravel and they came off while crossing a crosswalk on the way back from Bullwinkle's. Not cool. This insured that I went shoe shopping Sunday before the banquet. However, my new cute black pumps are just that, cute, they aren't comfortable, nor do they stay on well despite being a size smaller than I normally buy. *Sigh* This could be attributed to the uneven sidewalks on campus though, we'll see. I still want comfortable and cute that stays on though. Some stretching exercises might be in order before I next try on shoes, but we'll see how the walking on flat surfaces on my new kitten heels goes before I pay for shipping on the shoes I want. Good news is the banquet shoes were cheap, so if they're never worn again, it's not that bad.