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Blog Tour: World City

I'm not sure I can pick just one city I want to visit. After enough European history to fulfill a minor I'd like to go back there. And the oodles of books I read about the Berlin Olympics make me want to visit there. However, that would require knowledge of German, which I do not possess. I want to walk/ride down Jesse Owens Allee and look at the Olympic Stadium, especially since it was refurbished for World Cup. And despite what I've heard about the area, I'd like to see what remains of the Olympic Village. In addition to these sites, I'd like to visit the traditional sites such as the Brandenburg Gate and downtown. Not sure when this will ever happen though, as another trip across the Atlantic seems so far away and my parents want to take Em and I to Paris and London, despite the fact that Mom, Daddy and I have been to the former. I think Mom wants a trip to somewhere else in the Anglophone world. Anyway, I'll just have to keep reading books and hopefully come up with a research topics that will find me in Germany someday.


Actually, Berlin's touristy enough that you don't need a lot of German... and there are quite a lot of Americans living there, as it's currently booming for art and music (you can actually support your self as a musician! *gasp*).

Plus, so long as you're nice about it, many Germans seem eager to show off their mad English skills :)
I believe that, and appreciate it, but as someone whose only experience on the European mainland is in France, I also know the benefits of speaking the native tongue.
Well, obviously anywhere you go the more of the native language you can speak, the better... I'm just sayin' if that's all that's keeping you from Berlin, don't worry, you can still have a great time and get around pretty easily :)
Well that and no time/money. ;-)