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Blog Tour: Summer Vacation

My summer vacation is going to be working in Tallahassee, either for pay or on my as-yet-unapproved thesis topic. I need to speak to Dr. Gray about that. I'm working Night Staff periodically and taking the next two weeks off to go to Augusta, New Orleans and Mobile, but then back to Tallahassee. I have two campus job apps that look promising, but I'd really like something in the legal field. As for actual vacation. I'm glad to be going back to New Orleans, will get to spend more time with Em's boyfriend, who I met, but barely talked to with extended family around. Also, I want to go to the Garden District, on a tour, as Dad's a lousy tour guide. More events may evolve, but the trip to New Orleans was just mentioned yesterday. I'm excited for vacation, but am also anxious about only kind of having a job. I'd like to get something worked out before my time at Night Staff is over. Also, a job that would allow for research on my thesis would be good. In short, I have immediate vacation forthcoming, but nothing terribly exciting.