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I'm currently doing laundry and am so ready to go back to Tallahassee. 2+ weeks with my parents is a bit much, despite the trip to Augusta and the jaunt to New Orleans, the latter is why I'm still on the Gulf Coast. I've been an absentee journalist and feeling bad about it, but I've been working with other people's schedules. The trip to Augusta was busy, an MCG hooding for Lindsay and an ASU graduation for Patrick (with the most inappropriate keynote speech ever), plus the accompanying meals. And plenty of alcohol and interesting discussions, plus finding out that I'm wanted as a bridesmaid for Patrick and Greer's eventual nuptials. All of this would've been fine had I gotten enough sleep, but I never do, especially in Augusta. Anyway, after Augusta, we drove to Auburn to drop Emily off, so she could pick up Nick, and I finally really got to meet him. Last time was in Birmingham, and Grandpa monopolized him. We went to the beach and he found out what a klutz I was when I tripped in the parking lot. I'm sick of band aids and ointment. However, I managed to not burn, and be darker for New Orleans.

That trip was overnight Friday. Dinner at NOLA, Emeril's new place, and barhopping on Bourbon Street, complete with Daddy rescuing a woman who had knocked her self unconscious when she passed out in the bathroom. 'Twas interesting, but I got a Hand Grenade, so the night was good, if a bit disjointed. Not much time to enjoy music. The next day was shopping and showing off the river to Nick. The Garden District will happen on the next trip, but I may purchase some books about the city between now and then. Daddy and I were discussing him working there and me/Em/both schooling there. Good news is a prof in my department is a Tulane grad. Anyway, laundry's done, must put in another load.