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It's time for an entertainment and sports update. I wasted four hours of my life on Tuesday voting for American Idol only to have David Cook win. David Archuleta had gotten most of the judges' praise the night before, including overly so from Simon, but lost because he's only the best voice, not the best performer. Anyway, I downloaded a bunch of Archuleta performances before they removed them from iTunes only to find that the videos suck. The audio is fine, but the video is screwy. Fortunately, some of what I downloaded wasn't video and I was able to find the tracks with the screwy video on LimeWire. And I finally watched the final TV Guide wrap on the season last night without any resentment. I still think Cook will regret his win though.

Anyway, after the Idol finale was the first Lakers/Spurs game. Lakers were down fourteen when I left the restaurant where I'd been watching, got down twenty, and still managed to win. Kobe is finally playing like a leader, not just someone who can score at will. Twenty-three points in the second half helped the Lakers pull even and finally win. However, I still hate close games. I much preferred the Lakers second victory, which was a thirty-point win and the second unit played most of the fourth quarter, good lesson for later.

The Celtics/Pistons is shaping up very differently than their Western counterparts. That series is tied going to Detroit and the Celtics haven't won a road game yet in the playoffs. Game 1 was a close win for the Celtics, but Game 2 left the Celtics on their heels after the Pistons shot lights out in the second half and well in the first half. Plus, the Piston big men have figured out how to limit Garnett. The only problem could be that Rasheed Wallace got his fifth technical of the playoffs and is two away from sitting out a game for Detroit. However, the Celtics now must win a road game to win the series, probably Game 3, or their out.

Aside from basketball, it's May, and that means Triple Crown season. I was shocked by the Derby. Not only did a horse with only three prior starts win, but the the horse that placed (2nd) was euthanized on the track after she fell while cooling down. That's painful to watch under normal circumstances, but the recent tragedy of Barbaro, and his being interred at Churchill Downs, makes it that much harder. However, Big Brown also won the Preakness and may be the best shot at a Triple Crown in several years. That would be a much needed pick-me-up after the tragedy of the Derby.