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Blog Tour: Bucket List

This blog tour thinks up some of the most interesting topics. What do I want to do before I die?

-Get a Driver's License
-Get a Professional Degree, not sure which yet though
-Become fluent in a foreign language or two
-Become a published author, doesn't have to be a book though
-Travel the world, preferably major European cities
-See a game in every baseball stadium, key college stadiums/arenas
-See the UNC/Duke rivalry live
-Have a longterm significant other
-Have a job that makes me happy
-Have a job that allows for my list to come true


published author

For the publishing part, have you considered submitting to magazines? They're easier to break into in most cases because they're not making a long-term investment in an author the way a book publisher is. Also, if your writing is for a niche, it's easier to find a magazine that fits the niche rather than a book publisher who is willing to target advertising to find that niche.

Magazines are always hungry for "how to" articles with lots of bullet points. ;-)

Anthologies are another great way to get published.

And the plus is,w hile you're doing that, you get some cash and you're building up your writing credits so you *can* have a book published someday!

Good luck!

Aha, so I'm not the only person left in the world without a driver's license :D.

Good luck with all those things and do come to Europe, it's beautiful.

I'm not without a DL because I want it that way. Where I live is not conducive to not driving. As for Europe, I've been to France, but want to explore other countries and go back.