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My mail is way screwed up. When I got back in town, I was missing a Sports Illustrated and then yesterday I had a jury duty summons that was mailed May 8 and arrived in my box somewhere between May 23-29 (I don't check mail except on Thursdays). Anyway, I now have a mess because I have a doctor's appointment Monday that I couldn't cancel today because they were closed. This means I have to hope I have a break Monday so I can call and explain. As for jury duty, I've been summoned twice since I turned 18, in two states, but Mom has never been called and is jealous. This is not helped by Gwyn having served before. Anyway, I have an unexpected place to be on Monday, and I'm hoping to be called since the job hunt is going nowhere fast. I did drop off another application today to be an election assistant. We'll see how that goes.

Edit: Called the jury service phone number to check status for Monday. My services aren't needed. I'm glad I hadn't canceled my appointment.