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Blog Tour: Dream Job

This was my own contribution to the blog tour stream of ideas. However, my dream job has had many iterations, but the common thread remains sports. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. My ultimate dream job is broadcaster,and has been since I was fairly young. Anyone that watches games with me knows that I know my facts and that my color commentary is often several steps ahead of whomever is on television. My dad and I often have "we just said that" moments and wonder why we still watch with volume. Unfortunately, that job's just not realistic, as I'm not pretty enough for sideline reporting and the wrong gender to be taken seriously in the booth.

Next dream job was during my journalism phase in middle school, beginning about the time I started receiving Sports Illustrated, and was the subtitle of this journal for a while, sportswriter. I used to read newspaper columns daily and dream of my name on the byline, but then my mother pointed out all of the shit newspaper jobs I'd have before ever getting the sports assignments I wanted. My part-time gig with Scalpem.com and this journal is probably as far as my sports writing career goes.

My current dream job is definitely the most pie in the sky, but may ultimately lead to the profession I love, that would be sports agent. I've watched countless high-powered agents broker deals for which I'd love to be a fly on the wall. ESPN allowed that a few years back when they followed Manny Ramirez's agent through the days of negotiations of his last deal. Anyway, I figured out in high school that a lawyer was a job that might actually suit me well. However, sports agent remains a dream because I'd be going into law school without a business degree. Plus to get on with the big firms, I'd have to graduate from a school for which I don't have the grades. So, even after fifteen years of dreams, a job in sports is still beyond my grasp, but maybe some day.