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Blog Tour: Favorite Scent

My favorite scent is that of genuine leather. From renaissance faire stores to the backpack key chain my parents brought me from Florence to leather goods shops in malls, the smell brings back memories. However, none of these memories matches the tack rooms of my youth. For me, leather with always equal horses. This missing ingredient made riding less fun in high school, as I never got to do the chores before I mounted. Weird I know, but I missed the chaos of the tack room. Trying to find the correct bridle and a saddle that wasn't tiny was part of the lesson from the time I was six to the end of fifth grade. When it suddenly wasn't, riding was weird, and part of what I missed was the way the tack room smelled, especially since the ones at Barbara's barns were small and cramped, while the tack room at Ruthie's was airy and didn't smell as pungent. That smell has followed me through many adventures, but whenever I smell genuine leather, I think of being too short to reach the tack I needed and the hours spent in the tack room as a result.