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Finals Rant

OH MY FUCKING GOD! Up by 22 after one, up by 18 at half, fall apart in the third quarter and lose by 5? How did this happen? The Lakers went from beating the shit out of the Celtics, about to tie the series, to down 3-1, a deficit that's yet to be overcome. I feel bad for Kobe because he spent the first half orchestrating the offense only to have them not help him out when the Celtics lock down defense kicked in. I thought this Lakers team was ready, but maybe not. They couldn't stay focused and they don't really have a point guard. Fisher and Farmar only play sparingly with Kobe running the offense on most possessions. Kobe's lousy shooting night certainly didn't help, but the Lakers' interior defense was horrid the second half. Gasol hasn't figured out how to defend Garnett and that's causing Kobe to have to defend Pierce. Plus, the injury to Rondo has helped the Celtics as he was their weak link. *sigh* We saw history in the NCAA tourney this year, maybe we'll see history in the Finals, as I don't think I can stomach the Celtics winning. Hormones and unbelievable losses are not a good combination. *tear*


i was sort of excited to see the celtics win. *ducks*
That's not helpful. ;-) And I feel like KU is haunting my teams, as that's Pierce's alma mater. :-/